Moving Masks: Bee

Since May 2020 at KikoRomeo, we have been working with the Dobi women in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa neighbourhood to create something beautiful from the disaster that COIVD-19 has brought. 

We cut pieces from our fabric off-cuts and then distribute them to the women who embroider them. We then get them back and construct the masks in our workshop, with 50% of the profits made on each mask going to the woman who embroidered it. These masks have brought about financial relief but also acted as a form of Art Therapy. 

For us at KikoRomeo, it has been amazing to see the hidden talents, so many of these women have and give them a platform to explore their creativity more. 

Together we are creating a beautiful product that we hope will lift your spirits and provide a more creative and inspired touch to our now everyday reality of mask-wearing. 

The masks are sterelised regularly throughout this process to ensure the safety of everyone handling them. Before they are displayed, they are sterilised once again. We ask you to kindly wash them delicately or steam them before wearing them to ensure your safety. 

Type: Mask

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