KikoRomeo Menswear Show featuring the Kenya Rugby team.
February 22, 2012
VOGUE Italia Shoot- Behind The Scenes
April 3, 2012

The Kenya 15s team, normally overlooked for its sexier and shorter counterpart the  Sevens came out in full force.

“We came together to raise the profile of the rugby 15s so we can be able to get  some sponsorship for it,” said Victor Sudi while chatting to his teamates, Nato Simiyu, and Vincent Mose.

The number of famous and not so famous came together for a fun evening that had  plenty of laughs. Emmanuel Jambo, the uber photographer used to being behind the  lens faced snappers for the first time ever, Fareed Khimani no stranger to the video cameras had to contend with still cameras and pants that were a bit tight whilst Martin Keino, sporstamn extraodinaire and CEO Keino sports marketing was all melted pleasure.

Bidanya Barasa who hang up her runway shoes years ago donned serious heels together with a sexy pink number, the timeless Ajuma lent her very broad shoulders to the venture, Capital FM drive presenter Maqbul and the first ever black Bond did a fabulous job with  Churchill dressed in Kiko overalls was at his best element as Q the man who tells Bond what to do.

KikoRomeo cemented its reputation as being a brand that is innovative, unconventional yet chi. An outfit for every occasion. Jameson as the brand for young hip and funky people,  Jaguar as the aspirational and Sierra as the Jaguar of after-parties, wins all around.

I have never done anything like this before and I found it really thrilling, the boys have inspired me and I have absolutely loved it loved it” said Ann McCreath of KikoRomeo The party continues amidst rugby chants and a very thrilled and excited throng.

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